Air disinfection

The treatment of air by UVC disinfection destroys bacteria before they settle on a product and ensures the continuous quality throughout the workday.

Disinfection of surfaces

Due to micro-organisms on work surfaces and on packaging, during the production process food products get contaminated.

Disinfection of waters and fluids

For disinfection of flowing and stagnant industrial and drinking waters, as well as process fluids, submersible and photo-reactor UVC devices are used.

Reduction of odours and grease

We solve problems in a simple and permanent way by adjusting VUV technology to photo-oxidizing purification of the exhaust air.

Ozone and UVC components

Original parts for your needs with control electronics ensure the high efficiency and continuous operation of your systems.

OEM solutions

Using our wide range of modular prototypes, it is possible to build new prototypes and system series very quickly, even in small quantities.