Different possibilities for water purification originate from a different design. Photo-reactor devices are installed in conduits, and they are designed for specific flow rates. In opposition to this, submersible emitters, such as TS 40, prevent a creation of bio-film on tube walls, combined with an efficient treatment of water in the tank. In cases of low transparency of waters and fluids, the FBR system offers, through its touch-free design, the treatment and disinfection of process fluids in a thin film.

UVpro TS submersible emitters for water tanks

Submersible emitters are tested devices for water disinfection in various tanks. As such, they are used in accordance with VDI 6022, for instance, in air humidifiers and cooling towers. UVpro TS is installed directly into the return tank of the HVAC system, and it disinfects water and the inner walls of the tank. In that way, the micro-organisms washed from the air are destroyed, and the creation of bio-film is prevented.

  • For all kinds of water storing
  • Simple installation directly into the tank
  • Available in various lengths and powers
  • Available for varnishing plants with no silicon parts, with an attestation by Frauenhofer Institute
  • High quality, special cables, completely suffused electronics, IP68
  • A possibility of surveillance by CU-1 module or UVCline with an automatization interface

UVpro FMD modular emitters with a flange

UVpro FMD series enables the installation of UVpro tubes on the walls of ventilation and air conditioning ducts. A flange with three holes is installed on the external part of the wall of air conditioning ducts or water tanks in the area of application, and the UVC tube is descended through a bore 27 mm in diameter. The inner working part of the UVC tube therefore has no mechanical assemblies. The maintenance is also performed externally. Alternatively, UVpro FMD can also be used as a double emitter in water disinfection. Ballast electronics is suffused in a quadrat inox pipe and it corresponds to the waterproof protection factor IP68. The two fixing plates enable a simple installation with two screws.

  • Quick and simple installation in existing air ducts
  • Suitable for moist rooms, protects from spattering (IP68)
  • With a UVpro thermo-tube, it is efficient even at low temperatures
  • All the parts are made of stainless steel

UVpro EWR water reactors made of stainless steel

The UVpro EWR series includes continuous flow reactors with a wide range of application parameters. Its application portfolio reaches from the micro-reactor range of 60 l/h flow for circular cooling in medical technology, to the reactor with a disinfection volume of 10 m³/h for industrial application.

Different variations are here also compliant with the circumstances. By using high-quality stainless steel, these systems can also be used in drinking water processing systems, as well as in food industry. Monitoring units with or without UVC sensors complete the program.

  • Systems with a disinfection potential from 60 to 10,000 l/h
  • A standard delivery package includes a control unit and a timer
  • Optional UVC sensors as a system of permanent efficiency control
  • For industrial waters and drinking water processing


The KWR series of water devices includes continuous flow reactors made of PVC plastic, which are mainly used for process waters processing and grey waters disinfection. As well as for the continuous flow reactors made of stainless steel of the UVpro EWR series, the recommended dose of 400 J/m³ for drinking water is considered optimal for efficient operation. Depending on the type of the device, the flow amount ranges from 700 l/h to 2500 l/h.

UVpro FBR-6 for smaller transparent waters and fluids

UVpro FBR is completely made of stainless steel with a flat reactor for disinfection of baths for food products, emulsions, or cooling fluids with a very low transmission of UVC radiation.

The system made of V4A stainless steel has six high-performance tubes, which are maintained at an optimum operating temperature by active cooling. The UVpro FBR-6 is suitable for the flow of 2,000 to 3,000 l/h. The fluids flow in an adjustable thin film with no contact and pollution of the UVC tube surface.

  • For cooling fluids, baths for food products, and emulsions
  • For flows of 2,000 to 3,000 l/h
  • No-contact UVC radiation
  • Automated tube switch-off when removing the device from the tub

AGW-0500 mobile system for ozone sanitization of surfaces

A low-pressure sanitization system of surfaces by ozone-enriched cold water. It is located in the NEMA-4x steel housing, mobile, with a 5o-degree flexible exit tube and an SS stick, which makes it possible to produce 36 liters of water per minute, enriched with 2 ppm of dissolved ozone, with a nozzle pressure of 1.38 bars. 

The „plug and play“ system is immediately ready for efficient sanitization. It can work 24/7.

General characteristics:

  • Ozone generator
  • The system works in vacuum for safety and efficiency reasons
  • An integrated oxygen concentrator
  • An integrated system of ozone operation
  • DEL mobile systems are compliant with the OSHA
  • On the NSF list

Solar Eclypse Advanced Oxidation Process ( AOP ) for private swimming pools


Dug-in pools up to 200,000 liters as a basic sanitization. It can be installed during the construction, or, after the installation, it can be integrated in the other pool equipment using standard installation procedures.


It combines the Plazma Gap ozone generator board ( we are expecting the patent ) plus the germicide UV light; it releases free hydroxyl radicals, typical of AOP systems into the return water through the main circulation system. The installation is the same as with the standard DEL-ozone system.

  • Wall or post installation
  • Entrance and exit 2-inch port
  • A highly-efficient Plazma Gap ozone generator
  • The Trident module of germicide UV light
  • 220/240 Volt system integrated with the pump circuit
  • Free hydroxyl radical is injected through an injector of changeable speed, compatible with the open Mazzei injector
  • Operates in vacuum for efficiency and safety reasons