UVC disinfection of surfaces ensures constant hygiene of contact surfaces throughout a production day. During the production, in that way, the lines and cylinders can be free of undesirable micro-organisms all the time. The line disinfection devices of UVpro type BDU 2014 offer solutions for the lines between 40 cm to one meter in width. The modular system UVpro FX can be adjusted to each individual plant. We wish to clarify beforehand which materials are appropriate and how much power it is necessary to install.

UVpro BD 2014 – a robust and powerful device for line surface disinfection

With the surface disinfection device of BD 2014 type, UVpro offers a new series of products developed on the basis of decades of experience in demanding applications for line disinfection. The design and construction consistently follow hygiene regulations and thus successfully avoid moisture problems, by using the technology of submersible emitters. Special teflon-coated tubes meet all the HACCP and IFS requirements regarding the protection against glass breakage.

UV pro BFM – disinfection of surfaces with a reflecting housing for a UV tube

The equipment series BFM is used in plants for packaging and disinfection of foils / lids. UVpro BFM focuses radiation, by means of special reflectors, directly on glass openings and bottlenecks, and also on protective films.

This leads to the disinfection of the bottom, and, with an adequate orientation of the reflectors, also to that of package walls themselves. The reflectors can be delivered in mono or duo versions. The device meets the IP68 waterproof protection factor. For wet cleaning application, with this device we recommend optimum reflectors made of materials resistant to corrosion ( approved by FDA ).

  • For use in packaging machines and filling systems
  • High performances
  • Installing the device at two points on the reflector
  • Meeting the HACCP and IFS standards
  • Protection criterion IP68

UVpro FX – flexibility with a concept

The UVpro FX series of devices offers a wide spectrum of mufflers, tube fittings, reflector lengths, cable and holder lengths, designed for installation into cooling units and not easily accessible positions on the spot. All the used parts are compliant with the HACCP and IFS standards. The FX series has been supplemented with various inox protective pipe tubes, reflectors, and teflon protectors against glass breakage for production surfaces.

  • It is specially suitable for packaging machines and filling systems
  • Installation under the lines along the flange
  • Extraordinary protection against humidity (tubes IP68 / IP67 electronics)
  • Remains on the spot during the cleaning
  • Can be used with various protection tubes and reflectors

Platinum CAS-20 Aqueous Ozone System

Ensures ozone-enriched cold water in order to improve the cleanliness of the object, to reduce sanitization costs, and exceed regulatory standards. It is easily integrated into any sanitization process, ozone can be used for the direct sanitization of food, surfaces, CIP/SIP, and other usual sanitization objects. 

Ozone will disinfect your equipment and surfaces, destroying harmful micro-organisms, and, unlike chemical sanitization products, ozone will not affect the smell or taste of your product. The characteristics of the CAS-20 mobile device make it extraordinarily efficient in maintaining the cleanliness of equipment and operation surfaces, with no residues, moulds, pathogens, and sugars, even at the time of operation. This system is exceptionally energy-efficient, and it supports green and sustainable practices.

DEL Platinum Modified Atmosphere Systems

Ensures a controlled dose of gas ozone for anti-microbe fumigation in cold stores and objects with controlled atmosphere. The systems are low-profiled and wall-installed, suitable for any room or tank size.

All the systems use highly efficient UV ozone gas absorbers with monitored precision ( NIST monitored calibration ), with an automated controlled ozone dose. The characteristics of the device include the Human-Machine Interface ( HMI ), a fully automated control touch-screen, remote surveillance, and control of the system functionality, data recording, as well as system diagnostics.