AuraSteril professional lighting & UV ozone solutions

Company Aura Steril on Croatian and European market has been operating for more than 10 years. The main activity of our company is the sale and installation of modern, energy-efficient, high-designed and exclusive lighting and installation ofefficient,

environmentally oriented and energy-efficient ozone and UV technology. Professional approach to each project and the quality of the services provided, we have achieved significant business references. On the way towards a common goal with our partners and clients we have created a high-quality business and friendlyrelations.

We approach each project individually, and the solutions that we bring are based on proven and scientifically established methods, and on long experience.

Design, installation, service and maintenance of lighting fixtures, devices and systems, according to the “key in hand”, as well as user training and collaborators, are an integral part of services provided by our company. Our equipment meets the highest European and world standards of quality and safety. Produced by the world’s reputable manufacturers, with many years of warranty, reliability and high energy efficiency, and secured service as soon as possible.

Professional lighting

Aura Steril offers personalized lighting concepts because the same solution does not fit all situations and each project has its own special requirements for lighting.

New advances technologies provide energy-efficient solutions that offer the best of both external and internal lighting. In every project we can achieve an appropriate atmosphere how to additionally highlight the environment, and significantly save energy.

The data show that the lighting can loose up to 30% of the total cost of electricity facilities. By using energy-efficient lighting solutions, power consumption can be significantly reduced. Investing in lighting is one of the easiest ways to cut costs and reduce environmental impact.

Professional retail lighting gives a feeling of comfort and promotes the creation of the sales atmosphere that will attract the customer, provide him to buy with pleasure, to motivate him to stay longer, and most importantly, to the store again returned. At the same time, saves energy, increases income and the environment.

Aura Steril offers professional lighting solutions in all areas according to the wishes of investors, architectural ideas and solutions, in according with the highest standards and norms in the field of lighting.

Our offer includes an initial consultation, making optimum technical lighting solutions and implementing software, all on a “key in hand” service, maintenance and relamping.

Our mayor partner IMOON ( ) is a young company established in 2010 which follows twenty years of experience in the Retail Lighting Sector and previous technological experience. IMOON become a leading player in the international market for commercial lighting in Food & Retail.

We proudly co-operate:

Ozone and UV technology

The development of modern technology requires the introduction and maintenance of the highest energy-efficient, ecological and hygienic standards.

Aura Steril offers sales and installation of an efficient, ecological and energy-efficient ozone and UV technology to disinfect the air, work surfaces, water and process fluids.

High-quality, cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally oriented technology is its application in different areas of the food industry, medicine, pharmacy, wine making and wine, to the installation of pools, air conditioning systems (HVAC), cooling chambers, process industry or in the kitchen ventilation systems .

In general, our mission is to be a significant factor in the market, developing awareness of beneficial effects of applying ozone and UV technology, in accordance with the highest standards specifications and standards (IFS, FDA, HACCP and VDI 6022), and certifying company Aura Steril d.o.o. the leading position and the position of an expert in hygiene in this area of Europe.

We proudly co-operate:

Here we wish to thank our long-term partners for their trust and both their business and friendly co-operation, based on a professional approach to business and our common goals. We also express our gratitude for the photographs of the equipment and units, videos, and pdf documents that we were free to use on our web pages.