It is no secret that people are attractted to well-lighted public areas, business and commercial centres and the like. Shops can be divided into several types, primarily according to the kind of goods they sell, according to their size, and the level of luxury they offer.

Lighting in shops and stores starts from the concept of shop window illumination. During the night, we define the lighting scene of a shop window using a basic light, paying special attention to the light and shade relation. For an overall impression of a shop window, we add filling and background lights. Customers, attracted by quality lighting of shop window products, enter the shop, where they usually encounter various amenities and interior design.

We define lighting in shops according to the display of items on the shelves, kinds of products, interior design, reflection of light to the rest of the interior, as well as the psychological effect and communication which should be achieved in the department. For items displayed on the shelves, wall-stands, display cabinets, island and cooling counters in delicatessen departments, we use, in principle, LED linear lighting and spot reflectors mounted on a power rail, or directly on the shop ceiling.

Out of the wide spectrum of our professional lighting, in shops we commonly use built-inpendanttracklinear, … types of lighting.