Track lighting is used for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes. It is largely used in big open stores and supermarkets, where it can ensure superior illumination in all directions.

Track lighting covers a wide spectrum of products, services, and activities at a workplace and in commercial areas. Out of our offer, we recommend metal halogen and LED lighting with a wide, narrower, and considerably narrower light dispersion beam.

Advantages of LED track lighting:

  • Lowers the consumption of electricity alongside better illumination
  • LED diode life expectancy is up to 100,000 work hours
  • A wide range of mechanical protection against dust particles and water droplets
  • Instantaneous ignition without an initial warm-up
  • Does not emit UV rays
  • Possible passive and active cooling of the lamp body
  • Tolerance to voltage oscillations

Application: for supermarkets, shopping centres, retailers, hotel receptions, galleries, museums, hospitals, offices, and the like.