Professional built-in lighting is an example of modern and functional equipment in commercial, business, and residential areas. It is often installed into sloping ceilings, wall and floor cavities. In most cases, the lamp is parallel to the ceiling.

A proper selection of built-in lighting improves the presentation of products, highlights their freshness, increases their appeal, does not cause discoloration and spoilage.

In accordance with the design requirements, as well as the individual wishes and needs of customers, we offer various models of built-in lighting with fluo and LED tubes, reflectors with metal halogen light bulbs and an LED chip with a wide, narrower, and particularly narrower light dispersion beam, in a wide range of colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, … with passive and active cooling, filters for meat, bakery and other products, superior quality final processing, and „soft-touch paint“ lamp body surface.

Professional LED lighting enables a lower consumption of electricity. The fnancial saving is considerable, and the return on investment is very short.

Application: for bakeries, butcher’s shops, supermarkets, wholesale and retail stores, drugstores, delicatessen departments, flower shops, health care institutions, hotels and catering facilities, business and residential areas.