Lighting includes many variables which can have a large influence on the ambiance and delicatessen, which are the food that is often presented in minimum packaging. Dry cured meats, sausages, cut meat delicatessen and cheeses, will quickly lose the customers’ attention unless they look fresh and tasty.

Light and heat are harmful for food. Food will lose the colour, the moisture, it will start to decay too soon. Food spoilage occurs due to the damage by UV – IR ( infra-red = heat ) radiation, which causes physical and chemical changes in food composition. In most cases, it can be prevented or considerably reduced by using professional lighting which purifies, that is, does not emit undesirable radiation, which extends shelf life, and preserves the freshness and appearance of the food.

Professional lighting reduces the level of chemical reactions caused by heat and light, and extends shelf life, taste, colour, and nutritive integrity of delicatessen.

Out of the wide spectrum of our professional lighting, in delicatessen shops we commonly use trackbuilt-in, pendant, … types of lighting.