Professional lighting in supermarkets provides a sense of pleasure, and enhances a creation of sale atmosphere that will attract the customers. Enable them to make a satisfying purchase, motivate them to stay longer, and, what is most important, make them return to the shop repeatedly.

Professional lighting enables flexible lighting solutions, which make the customers feel good, and help them to make appropriate purchase decisions. At the same time, it saves energy, increases the income, and protects the environment.

Supermarkets must inspire their customers by positive purchase experience so as to ensure their return. However, the same solution is not suitable to all situations, and each department has its particular lighting requirements. New technological achievements ensure energy-efficient solutions that highlight the best in the items on display. Even in more demanding cases, such as cooling chambers, refrigerators, or fresh-food departments. In each department we can set an appropriate atmosphere, to additionally highlight the items, and to save energy.

A clever lighting management raises the supermarket lighting to a completely new level. Professional lighting solutions can positively influence your supermarket in many ways. In the fruit and vegetables department, at the meat and fish counter, even at the tills

. A proper lighting of the aisles is essential for customers’ movement across the store, as well as for highlighting the items in the sales. The tills need to be practical, well-lighted. In order to enable the employees an efficient work, and to provide the customers with the possibility of receipt check and cash return.

The customer satisfaction is not the only characteristic of quality lighting. The statistics show that lighting costs may amount to as much as 30% of the total electricity consumption costs of the store. By using energy-efficient lighting solutions, electricity consumption can be significantly reduced. Investment into lighting is one of the easiest ways of reducing the costs and the harmful environmental impact.

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