Health care institutions are specific areas of utmost importance. Their purpose is medical treatment and accommodation of patients, depending on the type of illness or health issues.

With regard to the fact that hospitals and polyclinics are complex structures with a large number of activities, the number of specific lighting solutions is large.

Activities which take place in health care institutions define the specific character of the area. In reception areas, surgeries, operating rooms, corridors, hospital rooms, and other medical areas, there are day-and-night activities which require adequate lighting. The success of medical interventions certainly depends on a high level of illumination. Hospitals and polyclinics increasingly tend to create a home and cosy atmosphere, in order to reduce the patients’ discomfort. The lighting is also designed for all the employees and activities within a health care institution. The requirements are complex, and a specific study and a lighting design in accordance with the required standards is necessary for each health care institution or medical area.

The type of lighting depends on the treatment and accommodation of the patient ( medical examination, therapy, bandaging, surgery, and so on ). There are also many types of special lamps or integrated light sources, which create a very high level of illumination in places where it is required by medical profession.

For health care institutions we offer a wide spectrum of professional lighting …